An individual, impressive facade is like the face of a building. It is essential for the first impression of the building project and the first thing to be noticed. The facade can add a high quality and modern, but also a safe and resistant look to any building. Besides the optical alteration, a facade enables a building to a balanced indoor climate, regulates the incidence of light and provides protection and safety. With more than 20 years experience, AHS has a vast expert knowledge in facade engineering. Through many large and smaller construction projects, it was possible, to reach an extremely high level of expertise in dealing with building materials, construction supplies and professional implementation. Architects and clients appreciate the flexible way of working and the expert level of planning security during implementation of a building project. The careful execution is carried out by a well-trained, experienced team, so that all work is done promptly and according to the latest state of technology. Perfect interaction and great teamwork within the different departments ensure a smooth workflow. Long-term cooperations between builders, architects and suppliers form the basis for success and in connection with that a sustainable quality.


  • Founded in 2000 by Rudolf Lehnert in Babenhausen
  • 2005 Construction of the new company building and relocation to Westerheim
  • 2017 Foundation of the company AHS-Building Schweiz AG